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When you’re sick, listen to your mother: go see your doctor and find out what illness you have and how to get better… If you’re diagnosed with a bacterial infection, your doctor can provide a host of treatment options, which may include antibiotics. To treat a

Modern medicine has known a rapid progress in the last decades and many traditional forms of treatment have been replaced by new, improved medical techniques. While in the past open surgery was the only option available for most patients diagnosed with hernia, nowadays the surgical treatment for hernia is a lot simpler and involves fewer risks. Thanks to the modern medical equipment available these days, the surgical treatment for hernia is safer and involves a shorter period of post-operative hospitalization. Until recently, open surgery was a very common form of medical treatment for hernia. This type of surgery

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The “Minimal-Repair Technique” is a revolutionary surgical procedure in the treatment for hernia. Initially intended for correcting inguinal hernia, the “Minimal-Repair Technique” can nowadays be performed in the treatment of various other forms of hernia. This new approach in the surgical treatment for hernia is aimed at locally correcting the physiological defects caused by the disorder, thus requiring fewer and smaller incisions. By repairing only the affected regions of the groin and by leaving the healthy tissues intact, this new form of surgery has revolutionized the medical treatment for hernia. The “Minimal-Repair Technique” is faster, more reliable and very safe. This procedure leaves no visible scars and it considerably speeds up the patients’ post-operative recovery. While patients who suffer traditional hernia surgery require a long period of hospitalization, most patients treated through this new medical procedure can leave the