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Introducing Multi-Layered Tablet Technology®...

The Structure

Designed using modern multi-layer technology, our tablets are structured to separate typically incompatible ingredients, so that every Gut Co. formula delivers a blend of clinically-proven bacteria, herbs, and vitamins in one easy dose.

The Performance

By utilizing time release technology, we’ve engineered our room temperature-stable tablets to release each ingredient at a different stage of digestion, thereby enhancing their bioavailability and optimizing absorption.

The Result

By pairing time release technology with our multi-layered design that protects each tablet on its journey to your intestines, you can rest assured that every ingredient will arrive to your gut fully intact and ready to work for you.

Your microbiotic fingerprint

Your gut microbiome is like a bacterial fingerprint—it’s unique to you, and is therefore uniquely affected by your specific diet and lifestyle choices. Your microbiome also thrives on diversity, as a diverse range of bacteria helps it fight off and resist pathogens.

In other words, your gut microbiome is the blueprint for your well-being. From your head to your toes, your gut is in charge, and by supporting its health, you can promote the healthy functioning of the other physiological systems that contribute to your overall wellness.

What people are saying about the gut co.

Keemia K

I've been taking probiotics for 5 years now, and The Gut Co is the only one that I can really feel works properly. I've noticed it's helped with my IBS, constipation, eczema, and even my mood, and I actually look forward to starting my day taking these every morning.

Holly W

I've been using Skin Health for 30 days now. Its been helping me with my hormonal breakouts and my eczema has really calmed down after nothing worked, including steroid creams! I will be recommending Skin Health to all my beauty clients to go alongside their facials as well as contenting myself!

Niloo C

I've been using Immune Boost and Skin Health together for 2 months now and wow, honestly my skin has never felt so much better and more hydrated and im less bloated and lathargic... I feel like I have so much more energy. I never really realised how closely linked my gut was to everything. 

Harriet E

I have a Masters in Exercise and Nutrition & Public Health and Im also a registered Associate Nutritionist so I'm very fussy  with which Probiotics I buy and use! If you suffer from bloating, indigestion or your mood is not always as positive then I'd highly recommend trying these probiotics!

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