Best gut health supplement for acid reflux

Heartburn can be frustrating and uncomfortable at best but cause long-term damage if allowed to hang around. It can be a symptom of an underlying health condition or down to factors such as diet, alcohol consumption and lifestyle. 

Whatever the cause, it's crucial to understand what heartburn is, where it might be coming from and what you can do to help it (hint - probiotics could be the answer!!). As always, seek help from your doctor if your symptoms do not improve through self-help. 

Understanding Acid Reflux

Heartburn actually has nothing to do with the heart and everything to do with the throat. It is a burning sensation in the chest and throat caused by stomach acid travelling up the oesophagus instead of staying put where it should be.1

If heartburn occurs repeatedly, it is known as gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or shortened to GORD or GERD, depending on where you are from in the world.1

Other symptoms include a sour taste, recurring hiccups or cough, bad breath, a bloated stomach and nausea.1 If you have heartburn, you'll normally recognise it by the burning sensation; it's usually pretty obvious! 

The Impact of Acid Reflux on Gut Health

If you suffer from heartburn, the stomach acid isn't staying in its designated area. This indicates that something is wrong with your gut health or can damage your gut health if not treated promptly. 

Acid from the stomach moving around the body improperly can lead to inflammation and damage to the gut lining.2 The gastrointestinal tract runs all the way from the mouth to the anus, meaning issues can occur anywhere along this connected part of the body. 

The issues caused by acid reflux can lead to nutrient malabsorption or bowel issues such as diarrhoea and constipation.2 These symptoms can lead to other health issues, as improperly absorbing nutrients can greatly impact the entire body. 

The Best Gut Health Supplement for Acid Reflux

Probiotics can have a beneficial impact on acid reflux and GERD/GORD. Consuming probiotics regularly can help reduce the symptoms and prevent any consequential damage from occurring. 

Studies in this area are relatively new, and more studies are needed to confirm the existing data's accuracy. However, current research indicates a positive correlation between the reduction of GERD/GORD symptoms and probiotic use.3

In particular, probiotic strains from Lactobacillus gasseri and Bifidobacterium bifidum have been shown to help treat GERD symptoms and prevent heartburn from occurring by balancing the gut microbiome.4 

When creating our product Gut Care, we included ingredients that could positively impact acid reflux and GERD/GORD. Hey there! Our products can be really effective against GERD symptoms. 

The ingredients in Gut Care are designed to rebalance your gut microbiome, which, in turn, should positively impact GERD symptoms.

Ingredients in Gut Care that benefit Acid Reflux: 

Actazin - A prebiotic kiwi fruit extract which has been shown to impact stomach acid levels positively. 

Saccharomyces Boulardii - A powerful and potent probiotic which protects the gut against pathogenic bacteria and enhances the production of intestinal microflora. 

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus IMC 501 - A type of lactic acid bacteria that produce enzymes called lactase which breaks down things like sugar lactorise in dairy and other harmful bacteria that would otherwise colonise in your digestive tract.

Lactobacillus Paracasei - Another type of lactic acid bacteria that increases the body's production of other probiotics which prevent inflammation and infection.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus CRL 1505 - Proven to protect the gut mucosal lining against intestinal infections.


Looking after your gut health can improve your life's quality by reducing or removing acid reflux and preventing GERD/GORD from occurring. 

Before changing your routine or adding anything new to your supplement regimen, please consult your healthcare professional to ensure it's the right move for your particular circumstances. Our advice is general, not specific, and should be treated as such. 

If you'd like to try Gut Care to see if it helps with your acid reflux, you can purchase it HERE and read about all the other benefits you can expect to see! 

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