National Plus Size Appreciation Day

At The Gut Co, we like to celebrate every body type. For National Plus Size Appreciation Day, we thought we’d put in our two cents to help bring some positivity to a movement we truly believe in!

The “ideal body type” has changed massively throughout history and varies throughout the world, too. Words like “slender” and “narrow” have been celebrated alongside words like “plump” “full-bodied” and “curvaceous”.1 We are here to tell you that we celebrate ALL of those body types, ALL of the time.

Why do we Celebrate National Plus Size Appreciation Day?

Although the world has come a long way when it comes to discrimination, unfortunately, plus-size people still experience discrimination, judgement and prejudice often. Studies have shown that weight stigma is not a helpful tool for reducing obesity, so is completely useless and only harmful to mental health.2

It can be a stereotyped opinion that overweight and obese people are lazy, unintelligent, lack discipline and have poor willpower.2 Their weight is seen as a reflection of personality traits and is often completely untrue and not at all linked.

Let’s use Kathy Bates as an example here. Bates is a plus-sized woman who is extremely successful in her chosen career.

An actress and director, she has won many awards and accolades for her achievements over her life so far. The harmful ideology pertaining to plus-sized people can be absolutely disproven by the likes of Kathy Bates.3

How to Celebrate National Plus Size Appreciation Day

Anybody of any size can celebrate body positivity on this day - but why not celebrate some plus-size authors or celebrities during this time? Reading a book or watching a show on body positivity is a great place to start. A quick google search can bring you many, many sources to learn about it! 

When shopping, it’s great to support brands that supply clothes for plus-sized people and represent plus-size models. Although many companies are keeping up with the times and offering plus-sized ranges, not all have. Supporting companies that cater for many body types is a great way to celebrate National Plus-Sized Appreciation Day.4

Final Thoughts

We are passionate about celebrating plus-sized people - we celebrate every body type, skin type, illness, disability and more. Check out our Instagram to discover our message; every body is beautiful, and everybody deserves a healthy gut.

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