The best probiotic for immunity

Probiotics are so beneficial for our bodies; they have such a fantastic effect on the gut microbiome that they can do wonders for our overall health. Probiotics add new species of good bacteria into the gut, improving the diversity necessary for good gut health.

The link between gut health and immunity is vast. The immune system is made up of various organs, cells, and proteins.1 With 70% of the immune system existing in the gut, it’s no wonder that gut health is so crucial to a properly functioning immune system. Let’s explore this further!

How does the immune system work?

The immune system exists to protect us against foreign invaders. It asks as a barrier to stop those invaders from entering the body, and if one does slip through, it creates white blood cells and other chemicals and proteins designed to attack and destroy whatever is trying to harm us.2

What are the benefits of looking after our gut health?

The gut microbiome is essential for many primary bodily functions, including the immune system, cerebral function, digestive function, brain function, metabolism, weight management, and skin health.3 If the gut microbiome is off balance, it can cause issues in any of these areas.

For every person, their gut microbiome is entirely unique. It is made up of trillions of microorganisms, including good and bad bacteria. Genetics, medication, environment, diet, lifestyle and disease can all impact the type and quantity of microorganisms in the gut microbiome.4

Suppose the bacteria in the gut are imbalanced. In that case, it can cause the gut microbiome to enter a state of dysbiosis, increasing the risk of disease, illness and health issues around the body.

Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pain and excess gas are the most common symptoms associated with an imbalanced gut microbiome.5 By looking after your gut microbiome, you can decrease your risk of issues and improve your overall health.

The link between gut health and immunity

Dysbiosis in the gut can cause inflammation, which impacts how well the immune system can function. If it is spending time attacking that inflammation, it leaves us vulnerable to foreign invaders as the immune system has less time to concentrate on protecting us.

Ensuring your immune system can function properly involves ensuring you avoid dysbiosis by looking after your immune system. Vitamin D is essential for immune function, so supplements can ensure you do not become deficient and give your immune system a fighting chance.6

Putting nutritious foods into your gut, getting enough quality sleep and staying hydrated can also help boost the gut microbiome and look after your immune system.

As probiotics add new species of good bacteria into the gut and increase the necessary diversity of the microorganisms, they can help the immune system.7 Probiotics can be found in fermented foods or taken through supplementation.8

The best probiotic for immunity

Here at The Gut Co, we have developed Immune Boost, a daily supplement containing specific strains of good bacteria that can assist our immune system function.

Immune Boost contains a cultivated blend of over ten clinically-studied bacterial strains known as BIO-I10S‡ & CSL-A 4†. These live probiotic blends have been carefully chosen for their beneficial impact on the gut mucosal lining, which protects the intestines from oxidative damage and contributes to enhanced immune function.

New strains of live bacteria added into the gut through Immune Boost’s formula improve the diversity necessary for good gut health. The Immune Boost formula also contains Inulin, a fibre-rich prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping them to repopulate and strengthen the gut microbiome.

Immune Boost can help protect against respiratory infections, reduce inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress through a formula containing vitamins, probiotics, and many other ingredients that benefit our gut and overall health.


The immune system is crucial for staying well, and looking after it should be our priority. If the immune system works well, you won’t even notice it’s there! When it fails us, though, we definitely notice its absence.

Why not try Immune Boost to give your immune system a fighting chance at protecting you? Make health your priority in 2023, and give your gut the boost it needs for immunity.

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