The Gut Co’s Multilayer Tablet Technology

The gut microbiota is a crucial factor in human health. It is often said that when we take care of our gut bacteria, our gut bacteria take care of us. This is why eating healthily is important, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole foods, and probiotic-rich foods to keep our gut nourished and thriving.

Unfortunately, much of the modern-day diet revolves around ultra-processed foods that aren’t very friendly to your gut bacteria. This can lead to many gut-related issues such as digestive discomfort, bloating, irregular bowel movements, and poor mental energy and performance.

Some of the best ways to take care of your gut microbiome are to eat a healthy diet, get adequate sleep and physical activity, and reduce your exposure to environmental stressors. Though this would help provide some protection for your gut, are these efforts really enough?

In most cases, a gut reset is necessary. And the best way to offer your delicate gut microbiome a reset is to take live multi-strain probiotic supplements, which are known to be effective in restoring the integrity of your microbiome while promoting overall gut health.

The only problem with this is that the probiotic and gut health market is saturated with various products, most of which are weak and ineffective. This is primarily due to the low dosages, short shelf lives, and the inability to survive the journey from mouth to gut.

So, how are The Gut Co. products superior to all other products in the market? What sets us apart from everyone else?

All will be explored in this article!

A Brief Introduction to Probiotics

Firstly, it’s important to understand how general probiotics work.

Probiotics is a blanket term to refer to the beneficial “good” bacteria in our gut. Probiotics contain various strains of bacteria that comprise a healthy gut microbiome, contributing to the population of over 100 trillion bacteria living in our digestive system.

When probiotics reach our gut, they can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria while encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria. In short, they help to populate and feed the beneficial bacteria in our microbiome, thus keeping your gut and yourself happy and healthy.

However, many probiotic supplements do not survive the journey from the bottle to our gut. Unfortunately, live bacteria can be fragile and difficult to keep alive in certain environments.

A high-quality probiotic supplement should ideally withstand the most common detrimental environments, such as stomach acid and the journey through our gut.

The downside of many probiotic supplements is that they are simply not robust enough to survive these challenges. They typically tend to denature quickly, whether that’s due to shelf-life expiration or deactivation while travelling through the gut.

In addition, some probiotics are dosed too low and fail to match the dosages commonly used in clinical trials, further compromising their effectiveness when taken.

So, along with the ability to survive the mouth-to-gut journey, a good-quality probiotic supplement should also be able to guarantee the dosage at the end of shelf-life in a dose that aligns with clinical studies.

The fragility of many probiotics makes them unreliable, so how can this be overcome? Is there a way to ensure the bacteria survive the journey from mouth to gut?

The Gut Co. Multilayer Tablet Technology

What is Multilayer Tablet Technology?

With our multilayer tablets, each layer is characterised by a specific active formula or a particular way of releasing the active. Our technology is designed to allow the layers to release when our body can best absorb the ingredients.

Our tablets are structured to separate typically incomparable ingredients, meaning we deliver a blend of clinically-proven bacteria, herbs, and vitamins in one easy dose.

What are the Benefits of Multilayer Tablet Technology?

The benefits of our technology range from preventing incompatibility between active ingredients to providing a specific delivery formulation using release control mechanisms.

In other words, these multiple layers keep incompatible ingredients apart until you digest them, thus enhancing their bioavailability and optimising absorption. So, rest assured, every ingredient will arrive in your gut fully intact and ready to get to work.

Not only do these tablets look the part, but the technology behind them has allowed us to develop products with different application targets. These formulations are considered unique, effective, and hugely innovated in terms of the technology and the carefully selected active ingredients.

How is this Technology Different from Other Probiotics?

As we have established, for a probiotic to work effectively, it must arrive at the intestinal level alive in order to colonise and multiply in the gut.

Many conventional monolayer tablets or capsules fail to withstand the typical challenges faced from when the product is manufactured to when it reaches our gut.

We have taken a different approach to keep the bacteria alive and optimise the performance and results of a probiotic.

We have developed multi-layer technology to ensure that the probiotics contained within the tablet are protected from any actives that may compromise their survival.

This technology also allows the administration of the probiotic strain alongside other active molecules, which would usually be incompatible with most other tablets and capsules.

How Exactly Does It Work?

The multi-layer technology allows for a differentiated release of the active molecules that compose the tablet in the various digestive districts. This allows the simultaneous intake of the active ingredients at the duodenal level (the first part of the small intestine).

Our tablets have multiple release times for the different layers in each formula which are best suited to the specific formula’s ingredients, ensuring the probiotics are protected until they are needed and resulting in the optimal delivery and absorption of all other ingredients.

The Final Take-Home

At The Gut Co., we’re redefining probiotics with our multi-component gut-first formulas. Our technology is designed to allow the release of each ingredient when your body can best absorb it.

So, bid farewell to the expensive supplements that are all too often dead on arrival, and say hello to the tablet technology your gut has been longing for!

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