World Mental Health Day

We love to celebrate and encourage looking after your mental health - it’s fundamental to who we are as a company at The Gut Co. The theme for this year's World Mental Health Day is “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”1

Not only is it important to make mental health as physical health globally, but it’s important to recognise and understand the link between the two and how they can influence each other. Gut health and mental health are intrinsically linked through the gut-brain axis

12,000 Steps a Day Challenge

Exercise is a fantastic tool for the gut and for mental health, and The Mental Health Foundation have challenged everyone who wants to to walk, run or stroll their way to better mental health throughout the month of November.2

The aim is to raise funds for The Mental Health Foundation to better support those in need whilst helping yourself to better your mental health using exercise and challenge.

Throughout the winter months, mental health is often at an all-time low; seasonal depression disorder (SAD) is a condition that causes people to feel more depressed in the winter. 6.79% of people have been diagnoses with SAD, whilst a further 28.47% suffer symptoms of SAD or believe they may have it.3

Exercising releases the hormones endorphins and cortisol which help to relieve stress and anxiety and help us to better manage symptoms of poor mental health, meaning the 12,000 steps a day in November could go a little way to helping us to feel better.4

Exercise also helps digestion, diversifies the good bacteria in the gut and reduces the growth of bad bacteria making the gut microbiome more balanced and healthy.5 Check out our article The Gut and Exercise Connection to find out more!

The Gut Co’s Challenge - 66 Day's of Hydration

At The Gut Co, we’d like to set you a new challenge for the winter months. Stress and anxiety can encourage the adrenal glands to release too much cortisol, which has been linked to having a detrimental effect on the immune system.

Whilst battling mental health issues, feeling ill due to a weakened immune system letting toxins, viruses and bacteria into your body will not help you to feel better. Our challenge is to boost your immune system this winter to give you a fighting chance at looking after your mental health!

Our challenge is to up your hydration levels! Within the body's circulatory system there is a fluid called lymph which carries infection-fighting immune cells around the body. Lymph is mostly water, so being dehydrated slows down the movement of lymph and can impair the immune system.6

Water can also have a beneficial impact on mental health; it improves brain function by removing toxins and inflammation from the brain making sure the brain is energised and fully functioning.7

We challenge you to consume 2 litres of water per day, every day, for 66 days. This is how long it takes to form a habit, so consuming 2 litres for 66 days gives you a good chance of carrying it on.8  If you start today (10th of October) by the 9th of December your habit will be cemented.

If you’d like a fighting chance at boosting your immune system, why not check out our product Immune Boost? The gut-focused formula containing 10 strains of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals ensures your immune system can protect you.

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with your mental health, it’s important to seek help. Nobody should have to battle alone, and there are resources out there ready and waiting to help. The NHS have many services available on their website that we strongly advice you take a look at if you are struggling. 

If you liked this article, why not check out our article Introduction to Gut Health and Mental Health?

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